Adult Programs

The Stark Museum of Art offers a wide range of programs for adults including lectures, tours, gallery conversations, studio workshops, and more throughout the year. For a full list of offerings, see below.

Meditation Moments

Breathe deeply, relax, and look closely at a work of art as your eyes wander during Meditation Moments. This online program is released on the last Thursday of each month. Press pause on your busy day and join us we practice meditation and mindfulness. Mindfulness is the simple act of actively noticing more, and this process will calm your body and thoughts. As you watch the short video, you will begin to notice details in the artwork that you did not see at first. Emerge refreshed and ready to tackle your day with a renewed focus and an appreciation for art.

Slow Art Viewing

Slow Art Viewing encourages the viewer to look carefully at works of art. On average, museum visitors spend less than eight seconds viewing any given work of art. The Slow Art method counteracts that tendency by encouraging the viewer to look at a few works of art for ten minutes each. This empowers the viewer to take control over the viewing experience and to make discoveries. You do not need special knowledge or training to enjoy and appreciate art. You bring your own perceptions and experiences to bear.

Virtual Adult Studio Workshop

Paper Quilled Monogram

January 12, 2021 – Videos now available to the public. Click the link below & gather your supplies to create your own matted monogram!

*This workshop has ended. Stay tuned for more workshops coming soon.* This virtual event is designed for adults (18 and older) to learn beginning quilling, the art of rolling and manipulating narrow strips of paper, and then shaping them to make exquisite designs. Instruction will be provided in a detailed, pre-recorded workshop video and registered participants can access the workshop content at a time that is convenient for their schedule. An evening Zoom session will also be scheduled for registrants to participate in a live session led by our Teaching Artist that will Q&A, the opportunity to share ideas, and to show off their progress with other workshop registrants. The $40 materials fee includes all supplies needed to create a beautiful matted monogram that you will be proud to display or give as a gift.

Insights Lunch & Looks and Lectures

Insights Lunch & Looks and Lectures are a special series presented by Curator Sarah E. Boehme and guest speakers on subjects related to the Stark Museum of Art’s collection. This series provides visitors the opportunity to engage deeply with artists and works of art in the collection.