ART: It’s Elementary


The Stark Museum of Art is pleased to announce its fifth annual elementary art exhibition, ART: It’s Elementary! The exhibition features original works of art from Region 5 and Calcasieu Parish elementary students in Kindergarten – 3rd grades. The exhibition will be held January 13 – March 9, 2024 in the Community Art Gallery at the Stark Museum of Art and online at

Featured Student Artists:

Bridge City Intermediate

Eli Carden, 3rd Grade, Bridge City Intermediate

Arantza Carranza, 3rd Grade, Bridge City Intermediate 

Joliet Ellender, 3rd Grade, Bridge City Intermediate

Rosie Gomez, 3rd Grade, Bridge City Intermediate

Reid Lapeyrolerie, 3rd Grade, Bridge City Intermediate

Yailin Mozqueda, 3rd Grade, Bridge City Intermediate

Ridley Smith, 3rd Grade, Bridge City Intermediate

Olivia Swanzy, 3rd Grade, Bridge City Intermediate

Jaria Torres, 3rd Grade, Bridge City Intermediate

Chloe Wallace, 3rd Grade, Bridge City Intermediate

Fehl-Price Elementary

Raylan Bass, 2nd Grade, Fehl-Price Elementary

Autumn Flanagan, 1st Grade, Fehl-Price Elementary

A’wryia Owens, 1st Grade, Fehl-Price Elementary

Jaslyion Sellers, Kindergarten, Fehl-Price Elementary

Alvin Wade, 1st Grade, Fehl-Price Elementary

Frasch Elementary

Charlotte Coleman, 2nd Grade, Frasch Elementary

Reese Miller, 2nd Grade, Frasch Elementary

Averie Mooney, 1st Grade, Frasch Elementary

Little Cypress Elementary

Vada Dickson, 3rd Grade, Little Cypress Elementary

Alice Henning, 3rd Grade, Little Cypress Elementary

Charlotte Henning, 2nd Grade, Little Cypress Elementary

Kimberley Jannise, 3rd Grade, Little Cypress Elementary

Hays St. John, 3rd Grade, Little Cypress Elementary

Parker Smith, 3rd Grade, Little Cypress Elementary

Adelyn Vargas, 3rd Grade, Little Cypress Elementary 

Logan White, 3rd Grade, Little Cypress Elementary

Alaina Williamson, 3rd Grade, Little Cypress Elementary

Lauren Wu, 3rd Grade, Little Cypress Elementary

Orangefield Elementary

Mia Goetzmann, 3rd Grade, Orangefield Elementary

Colbie Jackson, 2nd Grade, Orangefield Elementary

Aubree Loden, 2nd Grade, Orangefield Elementary

Ava Palumbo, 2nd Grade, Orangefield Elementary

Adalynn Wiggins, 3rd Grade, Orangefield Elementary

T.S. Cooley Elementary

Elena Rosti, 2nd Grade, T.S. Cooley Elementary

William Rase, 2nd Grade, T.S. Cooley Elementary

Morgan Smith, 2nd Grade, T.S. Cooley Elementary

Austin Whatley, Kindergarten, T.S. Cooley Elementary

Audrey Folse, 1st Grade, T.S. Cooley Elementary

Young Leaders Academy

Avery Fontenot, 3rd Grade, Young Leaders Academy

 Important Dates and Information:

  • Orange County public and private school artwork will be delivered to schools by March 15, 2024. All other artwork must be picked up from the Museum between March 21 and 23, 2024 during regular business hours. Artwork that is not picked up will be deemed donated and will be discarded or used for other purposes as deemed appropriate by the Stark Museum.

For questions or information, please contact Jennifer Dickinson at 409.221.6685 or at

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