Bus Reimbursement

The Stark Foundation and Stark Museum of Art are proud to serve our community.  We are committed to providing quality school programming at no cost to local schools, including the cost of transportation for schools in Region 5, Texas and Calcasieu Parrish, Louisiana.

Transportation reimbursement is available to both public and private schools in Region 5, Texas and Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. 

The procedures for transportation reimbursement are outlined below:

  • The Stark Foundation implemented a standardized transportation reimbursement structure in 2021-2022. The reimbursement structure includes paying $20/hour per bus, per trip, plus the standard IRS business mileage reimbursement in effect (currently $0.625/mile as of July 2022).
  • Bus Reimbursements should be submitted using the worksheet provided with your onsite field trip confirmation.
  • Please have your campus or district submit an updated W-9 with your invoice.
  • Please submit all transportation invoices at the end of each semester; no later than January 30 for the previous fall semester and no later than June 30 for the previous spring semester. Semesters are defined as “Fall” (August/September through December) and “Spring” (January through May/June). 
  • Invoices shall be paid by the Stark Foundation no later than February for the previous fall semester, and August for the previous spring semester. 
  • Hard copy and/or digital letters or forms will not be sent to the school to remind them to submit the invoice and updated W-9.