Tapestry Bibliography

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Examines tapestries from antiquity through the early part of the 20th century. Includes over 100 illustrations.

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Basic introduction to the techniques of weaving, with illustrations of high and low warp looms. Discussion of specific manufactories of tapestry.

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Detailed look at specific tapestries with more than 200 illustrations. Some photographs of weavers at Edgewater Tapestry Looms are included.

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Includes 150 illustrations of tapestries.

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A chronological look at tapestry. Index includes references to specific marks and monograms, painters or cartoon designers, and tapestry workers by name.

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A history of tapestry covering all periods and regions; includes brief mention of Edgewater Tapestry Looms. Well illustrated, glossary.

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Single chapter on American tapestry, includes color illustration from Edgewater Tapestry Looms.

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Lorentz Kleiser and the Edgewater Tapestry Looms are discussed.

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Exhibition catalogue. Text in English and French.

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Includes essay Weaving a Tapestry: A Brief Introduction with illustrations detailing various wefts.

Books for Children

Lyon, George Ella. Weaving the Rainbow. New York: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division, 2004.

An artist raises sheep, shears, cards, spins and dyes their wool to weave into a picture. Ages 5-9.

Spinelli, Eileen. Sophie’s Masterpiece: A Spider’s Tale. New York: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division, 2004.

Sophie, an artistic spider, loves to weave, but her works are not always well received. Ages 4-8. Selected titles may be available for purchase in the Museum Store.For Museum Store information call 409-886-ARTS (2787) ext. 3013.You can also consult your local library. Books not in the holdings of your local library can often be borrowed through inter-library loan.

Bibliography prepared by Jenniffer Hudson Connors, Librarian, Stark Museum of Art.