Current Exhibitions

Steuben Glass: Stories Engraved in Crystal

Ongoing from April 5, 2023

This exhibition features clear crystal Steuben Glass.Frederick Carter founded Steuben in 1903. Under Carter, the company produced glassware in a variety of colors. During the Great Depression, Steuben suffered from lack of sales for its glassware.

(image) Tom Lea (1907 – 2001), engraving designer, Lloyd Atkins (1922 – 2002), glass designer, Steuben Glass (founded 1903), manufacturer, “Trail Driver,” 1959, engraved crystal, 11 3/4 × 10 × 10 inches, Stark Museum of Art, Orange, Texas, Bequest of H.J. Lutcher Stark, 1965, 41.8.4.A&B

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Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West

Saturday, March 2, 2024 – Saturday, August 3, 2024

This exhibition, the first of its kind, explores the path of Black history in the West with a timeline of original pictorial quilts. The timeline begins in 1528, with Esteban’s dramatic story, which marks the arrival of Africans in the American West and continues through the Civil Rights Movement.

Dispelling the myth that Black people in the old West were mostly cowboys, Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West, shows rich diversity in their occupations and achievements in society, religion, education, and the arts.

Choosing quilts as the visual medium for this exhibition accentuates the intersections of African Americans in the Western Frontier while informing others about the art form and its important role in African American history.

This exhibition is organized by The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art and Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi, curator, historian and artist. The quilts have been created by the Women of Color Quilters Network especially for this exhibition.

Sandra Noble, Annie Box Neal, 2021, ©Sandra E. Noble.

Past Exhibitions

The Stark Museum of Art presents special changing exhibitions to explore themes in greater depth or with new approaches. Special exhibitions offer an opportunity to view an individual artist’s art in concentration or to delve into a topic. These rotating exhibitions have traditionally come from the Stark Museum’s permanent collections. Future exhibitions will continue to use the Museum’s resources, while also including loans from other museums and private collections.