Requirements for Loan Requests

For loan requests to the Stark Museum of Art, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Loan requests must be submitted in writing on museum letterhead from director of requesting museum (or relevant senior representative of the museum). The request must include a summary of the exhibition or the project, defining its goals, objectives, and audience. The request must also include identification of the key personnel.
  2. Loan requests must include precise identification of each object requested for loan. A statement for each requested object should explain why that specific object is needed for the exhibition or project. The statement should explain how this loan would make a contribution to scholarship and/or education and it should provide a rationale that would justify the travel of the work of art. If there are other versions of the object or similar works, it should explain why this version is requested.
  3. The request must specify the dates of the exhibition and location of the exhibition or project. If the exhibition is touring and multiple venues are expected, a list of venues with dates should be included. Loan requests should be limited to no more than three additional venues.
  4. A standard Facility Report, as approved by the Registrar’s Committee of the AAM, must be completed and submitted for each venue. Clarification, additional data or information may be requested upon Stark Museum of Art review of the Facility Report.
  5. The loan request must include a statement on the borrower’s provision of insurance.
  6. Loan requests with all required materials should be submitted at least twelve months in advance of the date needed for domestic loans and at least eighteen months in advance for international loans.

The museum has a $250 administrative fee per object per venue. If a large number of objects are requested, the museum reserves the right to increase the administrative fee commensurate with request. The borrower is also responsible for any crating, transportation, conservation, possible courier, and/or additional insurance costs.

Loan requests will be evaluated on factors such as:

  • The exhibition or research project makes a significant contribution to scholarship or education and the requesting museum has documented the need for this specific work.
  • The requesting institution facility provides high levels of environmental safety, a professional staff to follow best practices in care and security, has successful experience in managing loans, provides required insurance, and meets other requirements for safety of the object.
  • The Stark Museum of Art internal exhibition, research, and educational goals and projects accommodate the requested loan and that external loans will have reasonable time and travel limits.
  • The requested object is in a condition safe for travel and exhibition and the proposed travel does not place the object at undue risk.
  • The loan request is submitted in a timely manner to allow review and planning.

Submit Request to:

Sarah E. Boehme, 
PhD  Curator, Stark Museum of Art  
712 Green Avenue 
Orange, Texas, 77630  
409-886-ARTS (2787)