Virtual Field Trips: 1st-4th Grades Registration


Discover the animals living in the Museum! Search high and low for mammals, birds, and insects and uncover how artists create works of art featuring animals during this virtual tour that encourages looking closely. During the virtual studio art portion of this program, students will create their own animal sculpture. This program is aligned with Fine Arts and Science TEKS.

Studio Art Kit includes one 1 oz. model magic packet for each student to sculpt their own animal. Classroom teachers may supplement with watercolor or magic markers to add color to completed sculptures.


Build a love for sketching and drawing in your elementary artists with the SMA Studio: Sketch Club program. Each month, October through May, students will have the opportunity to learn a new technique and create a new drawing inspired by an artwork or technique from the Stark Museum of Art Collection. SMA Teaching Artists will lead each guided drawing lesson through a pre-recorded video. This program is perfect for an elementary, intermediate, or special education teacher looking to supplement their art curriculum or for studio art educators looking to introduce new topics and expertise. Register to be notified when new videos are released!

No Studio Art Kit. Classroom teachers will need to supply paper, pencils, and crayons/markers/colored pencils.


Experience the best of the Stark Museum of Art and Shangri La Gardens during this virtual program! At Shangri La Gardens, students will explore different habitats found in Southeast Texas. They will discover the three components of a habitat: food, water and shelter. As we explore the swamp, forest, and meadows, we will investigate the plants and animals that call each habitat home. At the Stark Museum of Art, students will explore how artists depict the habitats of animals and people, as well as how they use materials from their natural habitat to create unique works of art. This program includes a virtual visit to the special exhibition The West as Home. During the virtual studio art program, students will create a work of art inspired by their own habitat.

Studio Art Kits will include supplies for each student to create a three-dimensional nature collage of their own or an imagined habitat. Classroom teachers may supplement with crayons, colored pencils, magic markers, or additional collage materials they have available.

The video for this new program will be available by September 20, 2021.

1st-4th Grades: Virtual Field Trip Registration

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