Virtual Field Trips: 5th-8th Grades Registration


Uncover how artists and writers use the same language. Students will use language arts activities to explore the Stark Museum of Art’s collection, comparing and contrasting, writing poetry, and illustrating a prediction. During the studio art portion of this program, students will create a calligram, an image created with letters and words, inspired by a work of art in the Stark Museum of Art. This program is aligned with Fine Arts and English Language Arts and Reading TEKS.

Studio Art Kit includes calligram templates. Classroom teachers will need to supplement with colored pencils or markers if students wish to add color.


Introduce your students to sculpting and ceramics without the mess or hassle of firing clay! During this SMA Studio, students will use a modeling compound to craft an animal sculpture using two pinch pots. Students will learn basic additive sculpture techniques, as well as go on a brief virtual field trip to the Stark Museum of Art galleries to learn about ceramic artist Dorothy Doughty’s porcelain birds. This program is designed for intermediate and middle school-aged students.

Studio Art Kit includes two 1 oz. model magic packet for each student, planning templates for students, and a teacher guide. Classroom teachers will need to supplement with watercolor or magic markers if students wish to add color to their completed sculpture.

5th-8th Grades: Virtual Field Trip Registration

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  • 5th-8th Grades
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